Release CBG+CBG Coffee Drip BagX3

Release CBG+CBG Coffee Drip BagX3

Name:Release CBG+CBD Coffee Drip BagX3.

Volume:3x15g coffee beans.

Ingredient:CBG + CBD 14mg (99+% CBD Isolate Imported from U.S. with GMP and QAM Certification), Arabica Coffee Beans, 0%THC.

Water to add: 220ml.


Main Effects : Deep Relax, Anti-Inflammatory, Refreshing.

Other Effects: Improve Mood, Relieve Stress.


Great for holiday use, sense of instant relaxation and refreshment comparing to CBD coffee.


 CBG stands for cannabigerol, it is the chemical precursor to all of the well-known cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBC, CBT; it can be found in large amounts when marijuana plants are young. Once the plants reach full maturity, the CBG content of a plant is only around 1%, CBD to be 20%. CBD can help in many different areas, such as: Killing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria such as MRSA; Neurological Protection; Lowering Inflammatory Responses; Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Depression. CBG works directly with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, it may be more effective for treating anxiety comparing with CBD as CBD works as regulator with CB1 And CB2 receptor. While using CBG and CBD together, the Anti-Inflammatory property will be more effective comparing with just CBD. It’s because the Entourage Effect works Recent Batch: COE(Cup of Excellent)Medium Roasted

Taste: Plum, Lemon, Sucrose tea


This time our barista has selected coffee beans from El Salvador Mapache Estate, which are often awarded in the “Cup of Excellent” competitions. This COE (Cup of Excellent) coffee bean grows at an altitude of 1550 meters, a protected ecological coffee field which trees chopping and hunting is prohibited. Therefore, there are not only a wide variety of plants, but also different kind of wild animals in Mapache Estate. The coffee beans have a balanced and soft sour and sweet flavor like the plum, a bright and delicate taste, and the aftertaste of sucrose tea. The outstanding quality of coffee beans shows that the efforts of protecting environment have not been in vain.


The first of its kind in Hong Kong, WILD12 CBG, CBD Infused Coffee Beans is a unique barista-approved blend with US-imported CBG, CBD isolates approved by GMP. All coffee products are manufactured in Hong Kong to ensure the best freshness and quality.These beans are the products of our tireless R&D and experiments. Every sip embodies our pursuit of a perfect balance of taste, aroma and CBG, CBD concentration. With CBG, CBD directly infused in coffee beans, WILD12 CBG, CBD Coffee is perfect for making espresso, latte, cold brew and your favourite choice. Every cup combines qualities of regular coffee and the CBG, CBD-esque relaxation for an unique experience.


‘RELEASE’ CBG+CBD Coffee, an coffee experience of deep relax and release in mind&body. 


Suggested to:


  • Warm up your cup before brewing.

  • Suggested water temperature to be 85°C - 95°C.

  • Be stored in cool and dry place, sealed and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Enjoy immediately after unpacking to avoid flavor loss.


Coffee products are available on the website only.


Made in Hong Kong.


The CBG, CBD Isolate of our products are safe and lab-tested