WILD12 Ginger Mugwort Salve

WILD12 Ginger Mugwort Salve combine herbaceous formula from Oriental and Western. Ginger and Mugwort for circulation of energy channel and pain relief; and CBD for inflammatory property.

Non-Greasy, Steroid-Free, Refreshing Fragrance. It helps with the condition of Stomach, Intestines and Menstruation Discomfort, Muscular Strain and Office Symptoms caused by being at air conditioning and also holding the same physical condition for a long period.

Using everyday with massaging the Acupuncture Point or Hot Compressing, and letting the salve to infiltrate in order to improve Inflammatory condition.

Relaxation of Sore, Tired or Stressed Muscles, Joints and Skin; also the regulation of Energy Channel and Vigour.


​​Being CBD Coffee

​​Being CBD Coffee Beans 111g

Being CBD Coffee Drip Bag




WILD12 CBD Infused Coffee

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, WILD12 CBD Infused Coffee Beans is a unique barista-approved blend with US-imported CBD isolates approved by GMP. All coffee products are manufactured in Hong Kong to ensure the best freshness and quality.

‘BEING’ CBD Coffee, a brand-new coffee experience which gets you focused, relaxed and being in the moment.

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