Frequently asked questions


What's CBD?

Extracted from Hemp plant, it's proven by medical report that it helps with the condition of pain and inflammatory, pressure and anxiety, and to regulate the immune system.

Is it Legal to use CBD?

Unless the product contain THC, it’s totally Legal. For more information, place look at:

Questions from Legislative Council: Regulation of products containing cannabis


Will CBD get you high?

Pure CBD is non-psychoactive, you will not get high from taking it. THC is the compound that makes you high, please choose your CBD product carefully.

Right dosage for using RESET tincture.

Please refer to the chart below for recommended dosage: Click here to enlarge For more information, please look at:

CBD Oil Dosage - How Much Should You Take

How to Find the Right CBD Dosage for You

Do we get addicted by taking CBD?

It will not cause addiction for taking CBD but THC will, please watch our video.

Cannabis Use Disorder | Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pathology

Is there any side effect for taking CBD?

For taking a large amount, say 2000mg of CBD will cause light side effects such as dizzy or drowsiness. Please look at our video:

CBD Oil Side Effects | Everything you Need to Know Before taking CBD Oil

What do I get the product?

We ship every Monday and Thursday, so item will be received on Tuesday or Friday

Where does the product come from?

The Hemp from RESET CBD oil are grown in the farm of Colorado, it's then send to GMP Lab for extraction to be pure CBD, multiple tests applied to the product to ensure the quality and safty.

Can/should CBD be combined with alcohol?

Combining CBD with large amounts of alcohol within a short period of time has been proven to amplify the effects of both substances, including sedation. On the flipside, we’ve found that RESET can help with a hangover the morning after.


We care about the quality and safety. RESETis Bio Science with their own lab, they are strict with the quality control. There are too many CBD brand nowadays and the quality varies. and it’s the only brand use the nano technology, making the CBD product more efficient in absorption and performance.

How do I return a product?

If you found our product broken when you receive it, please tell us the problem and send back to us; we will be happy to replace it with a new one.

Does WILD12 carry any tincture with higher dosage?

RESET designed the 300mg tincture, which is their only product too. RESET, with a bioscience background, use the technology of Nano and Liposomal to carry CBD into the body. It's not a technology that every brands has, with this technolgy, CBD are easier to infiltrate into bloodstream, means a better absorption and efficiency than a normal 300mg CBD tincture. Basically all your body can feel relaxed. For more information, please check the following video. Liposomal CBD vs Nano Emulsified CBD