After 30 years old, all sorts of illness like eczema, immune system irregulation, back pain, insomnia and health problems start showing up that effects our normal day to day life. After many different treatments , these symptoms only eased temporally. In order to live a healthy and enjoyable life, we must first start taking care of our body such as healthy meals, rest time, exercise, good sitting posture. . etc

We are a group that is advancing in to the MIDDLE AGE class

And there are a lot of CBD receptors within our body; you can imagine there is a close relationship between CBD and human body. We believe the medical properties of CBD will make big changes in the future of medical industry.

After the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, CBD products came in to market rapidly, and it got our full attention in to researching it, as we dig deeper into the medical values and how mild this antidote is, the more interested we are into sharing it out. We believe the only reason people are still skeptical about it is mainly due to its “recreational drug” label.

There are a lot of CBD related products on the market nowadays, many of them are poor in quality and are only in to make quick money. WILD12 researched and analyzed all the brands and promises to sell only the best, safest and healthiest quality products. Your health is our wealth specially in this fast pace stressful city, seeing our friends with anxiety, depression, irregululation of immune system. We want you to have a sustainable healthy mind and body through learning and conditioning with his powerful low cost supplement.